October 10, 2017

It all started with pumpkin spice latte.

It was barely the beginning of September this year, the weather was still nice and warm, but for some reason the fall spirit came around and I couldn't wait for the fall to begin. I started googling pumpkin farms around us, I found a place where we'd go apple picking, I made a fall bucket list... and somewhere between these fall prep activities I started craving for pumpkin spice latte.  

Which is funny, because when in Boston, I was only able to d...

September 30, 2017

Ever since the beginning of September, even though the weather was still nice and summery (if that's a word), I started looking forward to fall. Fall used to be a beautiful season around Boston! 

Unfortunately, around here we get way too many rainy days for my taste. I'm really gonna miss the beautiful Boston weather!  Since I knew the rainy days are coming, I decided to make the season better by incorporating few of my favorite fall activities into our everyday schedules....

October 19, 2016

Every Sunday Joe and I eat breakfast together. Mostly it's him preparing the meal as I am so NOT-a-morning person. But when a miracle happens and I'm fully awake to be able to cook, I make pancakes. Once I was reading a cook book I had on my bookshelf for years (!) and found this apple pancakes recipe.

July 7, 2016

I've been making homemade turnovers for some time now, usually simple triangle shapes, but I wanted to make something special for Valentine's Day this year and made them in the shape of heart. However the problem of this shape are leftovers. So I took the small leftover piece of puff pastry dough, put a little filling inside and closed it on the top. I didn't expect much but it turned out perfect.

That was the time when I realised the possibilities of puff pastry. Why should I stay with regular tur...

April 14, 2016

I'm not a big fan of donuts or muffins but when it comes to turnovers I love them. Especially apple turnovers, I just don't get why there's always so much sugar on them and they are so sweet. So I knew I would try to bake them myself once I saw a simple recipe on my friend's Facebook last month. Since then I've already baked them at least 5 times and it's one of the most easiest and wonderful recipes.


  • 1 puff pastry

  • 1 egg

  • flour

  • filling (I love using my homemade canned...

September 16, 2014

Growing up in the same town with both grandma's was a great opportunity for me to experience the best of homemade cooking and baking. However I was a picky eater and the one of not too many ways how to make me eat something while staying over at my grandparents' houses was to give me something sweet. I liked candies of all kinds but you would agree with me that candy is not the best nutrition for a kid. So what else and sweet could my grandmas get into my belly? Cakes. And pies. Lots of them:) And...

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