December 17, 2019

It finally happened, we are officially moved to our new home! For the first time we are homeowners. How strange and responsible I feel to have my name signed on a mortgage. 

I already can’t wait to show you how it looks here, but due to oh-so-many projects needing completion I’ll have to wait until all is in a more presentable condition. For now let’s just tell me we love it here. Coming home through this beautiful front door every day feels so special!

I hope we’ll be happy here and we’ll make so m...

November 23, 2019

There are 3 of us now. Only recently our little family of 2 grew in size and we welcomed our first baby Peter. Wonderful but extensive change to our lives. Everything we do now is slightly (or at times totally) different than 3 months ago and to spice it up a bit more we also just moved to a new house. 

From our teeny tiny apartment in the city, from a location that we knew well, we relocated to the suburbs, to a brand new house we were building for the last year and a half. With our then 2-month o...

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Welcome to Jane's LITTLE Loves! I'm a young professional, wife to my Joe and soon to be a mom to another important man in my life:) This blog is a place for me to share some of my recipes, DIY projects, and travel tips with you. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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