August 2, 2016

Today's recipe is a simple vegetarian lunch option with very easy preparation. Zucchini fritters.

I usually start thinking of this recipe when I notice the zucchini in my fridge have been lying there for quite some time now and could use some meal participation. I know I shouldn't have food in my fridge which is not assigned to a meal (why would I buy the zucchini if they were not on the list?). But it happens because I'm only human and do exercise impulsive buying from time to time.

Good thing abou...

July 11, 2016

This weekend I found and tried an amazing recipe for an avocado spread. Even though I'm a fan of avocados and I know how healthy they are, I never used them in recipes. Avocados were not very usual to see when I was growing up and I tried them for the very first time only year or two ago. I've liked them ever since but only ate them sliced on a buttered bread. Nothing fancy and worth sharing, I know.

Then I found this totally simple recipe and I dare to say I'm not going to eat sliced avocados...

June 22, 2016

Have I ever mentioned that I hated vegetables when I was little? I really did. From all the different kinds of veggies all I would eat was green pepper, corn, fresh pea, cucumber, carrot, and sometimes lettuce. Of course I hated when my mom wanted me to eat some other type, which wasn't very often, as she didn't like veggies that much either. So each time when she would make for example fried cauliflower for the family she would also make something else for me to eat.

I'm not sure when exactly this...

September 16, 2014

I never liked risotto when growing up. My mom used to just cook white rice, then cook chicken meat, mix it together without any amount of gravy and only with some frozen (and back defrosted:)) pies and corn. That was it - totally dry mass of food. Taste was ok but consistency not so. Then I got an idea how to make it better:) Add some gravy! Cook the meat and vegetable in their own juice, add water if needed when the meat's still not tender enough. And finally - leave the gravy with it when mixing...

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