April 13, 2020

My cooking isn't elaborate these days. I used to enjoy spending time in the kitchen, and I would actually still do so, but the time is scarce now with the baby around. Hence, I'm a big fan of simple, one-pot recipes, which not only require little time and effort on my side, but are also versatile enough so that I can work around the list of ingredients a bit.

And here comes this one-pot garlic parmesan pasta recipe. I made it 2 weeks ago for the very first time, and since then, 3 more times already...

April 12, 2020

...from our family to yours!

January 14, 2020

First of all, this is is not going to be a list of the healthiest meals I cook. Ever since I have the little guy with me all days long, sometimes there just isn’t time for elaborate cooking. For those cases I need to have few easy options available, that don’t take much time.

Just for reference, I make these meals for lunch when it’s just me and the baby and then I usually have something with better nutritional value for dinner. So here comes my survival mode meals list:

1. pasta


December 26, 2019

First of all, let me wish you very merry Christmas! I hope you all are having wonderful time with your loved ones. Joe and I are especially enjoying this Christmas, it's different than any other before, and here's why.

1. first Christmas for the baby

Except it's not entirely true. We already knew about Peter last Christmas, we just didn't know it's a boy, plus we didn't tell anyone else at that time. But let me tell you that I was VERY aware of him the entire time I couldn't smell any of the festive...

December 17, 2019

It finally happened, we are officially moved to our new home! For the first time we are homeowners. How strange and responsible I feel to have my name signed on a mortgage. 

I already can’t wait to show you how it looks here, but due to oh-so-many projects needing completion I’ll have to wait until all is in a more presentable condition. For now let’s just tell me we love it here. Coming home through this beautiful front door every day feels so special!

I hope we’ll be happy here and we’ll make so m...

November 23, 2019

There are 3 of us now. Only recently our little family of 2 grew in size and we welcomed our first baby Peter. Wonderful but extensive change to our lives. Everything we do now is slightly (or at times totally) different than 3 months ago and to spice it up a bit more we also just moved to a new house. 

From our teeny tiny apartment in the city, from a location that we knew well, we relocated to the suburbs, to a brand new house we were building for the last year and a half. With our then 2-month o...

November 15, 2019

Last Christmas was wonderful. Joe and I already knew we’re having a baby, we were both ecstatic, but still keeping it to ourselves. That wasn’t so easy since we spent Christmas (2 and a half weeks actually) at my parents house. I had already started feeling sick, especially cooking smells were the worst, which was not an easy situation with all the holiday cooking. But we managed to keep the secret, however me having cold and feeling bad due to it did the main part in covering up for the pregnancy...

November 14, 2019

Many times in the past I paused blogging and re-started again months later. It would be similar this time if it just wasn’t for totally different reasons. Each one of them would be enough for multiple blog posts so let me just start at the very beginning and we’ll see how deep into all of it I’ll take you.

Life has changed so much since this time last year. In November 2018 I was on a business trip in Sweden. The same month Joe and I celebrated our friend’s 50th birthday at a big party. In December...

February 6, 2019

1. can't get out of the house!

Oh, how happy I am that January's over. I've been sick ever since Christmas up until two weeks ago. It was the total of over a month spent between work and bed. I got a terrible cold which I couldn't get rid off of for soooo long it made me crazy. Mostly, I missed the long walks Joe and I love, oh, and the sunshine! Not cool being sick for this long, I tell you.

Fortunately, I'm good now, and this last weekend was finally one of those I love - long downtown walk, ice c...

November 14, 2017

This entire fall seems to be about pumpkins. Today, specifically, about pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. The fall season is almost over but since the Thanksgiving is still ahead of us, here's a recipe for these delicious beauties. I'm sure your Thanksgiving dinner guests would love these!  Plus - one more thing done from my bucket list (if it counts that I replaced pumpkin bread with pumpkin muffins) :)


  • 1 cup of brown sugar

  • 1 and 2/3 cups of all-purpose flour

  • 2...

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Welcome to Jane's LITTLE Loves! I'm a young professional, wife to my Joe and soon to be a mom to another important man in my life:) This blog is a place for me to share some of my recipes, DIY projects, and travel tips with you. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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