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where it all began

It was an early October Saturday and I just woke up in my friends house in a nice suburb of Boston. I've been traveling around the US for almost two months but there was still plenty of time ahead of me so I didn't mind spending most of the past weeks in this beautiful house with my friends' family.

Mid-morning shopping sprees with my stay-at-home-mother friend who was introducing me to her great life in Massachusetts were too good to leave and move some place else. Weekends were devoted to another friend who used to take me to lovely towns, beaches, and mountains all around the New England. I was really enjoying my life!

And then I woke up one Saturday for which I had no plans. It was around 9 am and I walked into the kitchen already full of 2 adults and 2 kids. And then someone else came in. Couple (eight) years older than me. Regular looking. In my then 22 years of age I was not sure how to approach him. As a new friend? As an adult? So I just introduced myself and started making my breakfast.

I remembered that my friend already mentioned him couple times since I came to their house. He was their good friend and my friend was surprised he didn't show up for some time.

But he showed up on that Saturday. When I didn't have any other plans. I could have been hiking in White Mountains as the weekend before. Or I could have been sitting in the car on the way to Cape Cod. Or just sleeping for two more hours.

Fast forward 2 months.

It's the day before Christmas Eve and Joe and I are shopping for some Christmas presents. Since that October Saturday we've become good friends, I would call him when there's a cake to share or when I need to go out with someone, he takes me on weekend trips or figure skating in downtown Boston. We had crazy similar sense of humour and really enjoyed spending time together. And then, while shopping for some Christmas presents he took my hand into his and it seemed as the most natural thing to do.

Fast forward 3 more years.

I'm sitting in my rental apartment just outside of Boston, one master's degree later. I have wonderful job I would never dream of. And I have my Joe, ever since those 3 years ago. Also, I have some spare time so I started cooking and baking for fun, which I realised that I really love. I also started with some small house projects, which I'll be sharing with you guys. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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