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French crêpes are very common recipe in my home country. I think I learnt how to make them around the age of 14 and loved them ever since.

I wasn't working today but was going to meet Joe after work to practice some golfing (if this sounds too fancy please replace by "trying to hit the ball with a stick" which might sound more appropriate). I knew he would be too busy to go to lunch so I decided to surprise him with a snack and made some apple-filled crêpes. This might sound fancy again but I'm from Europe and crêpes are quite usual meat-free-Friday option for many families there.

I've been using my friend crêpes recipe for years now and it's been the best one I've ever tried.

crêpes ingredients


4 cups of milk

4 eggs

14 ounces (400g) of all purpose flour

4 spoons of sugar

pinch of salt

1/4 spoon of baking powder

vegetable oil


crêpes preparation

Mix all the ingredients in half of the prepared milk, add more if needed, but make sure the mixture is not too watery. I always add almost all of the prepared milk, but sometime I have to try the first crepe and add more if needed.

The crêpes are made on a large non-stick skillet on a half spoon of vegetable oil (add half spoon of oil after every other crepe). When first adding oil turn on high heat and then use medium heat for the rest of cooking.

Add desired amount of mixture into the skillet and leave for approx. 1 minute on each side or until done.


There are so many options for crêpes filling, from caramel to strawberries or nutella, but most of the times I use a very simple filling my grandmother used to make - grated apples. My grandma always grates apples, puts them on the skillet, adds some water and roasts them for a while until they soften. I'm little too lazy for that so I just grate 2 to 3 apples and the filling is done!

Crêpes are very refreshing with apple filling and much more healthy then with some chocolate or caramel (or nutella!). For even healthier option you can try different types of flour, but try this first on smaller amounts (you can easily make just 1/4 of the amount I suggested). I didn't have much luck with whole wheat flower, the crêpes where kind of falling apart.

So I took my freshly made crêpes and off I went to meet Joe to his work.


There's no need to say that this snack had success with my him, right? I usually make half of the batch only since there are only two of us but then I always regret it because we would eat them all!

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