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homemade turnovers

apple turnovers

I'm not a big fan of donuts or muffins but when it comes to turnovers I love them. Especially apple turnovers, I just don't get why there's always so much sugar on them and they are so sweet. So I knew I would try to bake them myself once I saw a simple recipe on my friend's Facebook last month. Since then I've already baked them at least 5 times and it's one of the most easiest and wonderful recipes.


  • 1 puff pastry

  • 1 egg

  • flour

  • filling (I love using my homemade canned apples, but any caned fruit would do as well as nutella or jelly)


Take the puff pastry out of the freezer and let defrost on the counter for about an hour. The puff pastry usually comes in 2 sheets per package so once it's defrosted simply unroll both sheets, use the rolling pin to make it little thinner (not too much) and cut each sheet into 6 squares.

homemade turnovers

Add filling into half of each square, you could see apples with jelly, plum preserve and nutella on my batch here:

filling for turnovers

When you're done with the filling take one egg, mix it in a cup with a fork and use it for all four sides of the square. The egg will work as a glue for the turnovers so they won't open during baking. You can now close the turnovers by simply folding them in half, creating triangles, and you can also use the fork to punch lightly into the two shorter sides of triangle which will help hold the filling inside. When you're done simply put them on a baking sheet, spread the egg on top of each one, add a bit of cane sugar on top of each if you'd like and bake them on 390 F for 15-20 minutes.

You can also decide not to bake all of them, in that case you won't spread the egg on top of some of them. You can put those into a ziplock bag and put them into the freezer.

homemade turnovers

Homemade turnovers are great right after taking them out of the oven, just be careful as the filling will be really hot. They are perfect just as they are or you can sprinkle them with powder sugar. I promise you'll love them.

apple turnovers

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