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april summary

1. recipe of the month - Chia Pudding

As I was browsing internet one day instead of doing something more meaningful (I'm sure you've been there) I've come across this post on Facebook. It was a recipe post from some cooking/baking Facebook page liked by a friend of mine. The recipe was really interesting so I checked the cooking\baking Facebook page and realised that I really liked most of the recipes posted there. I copied three or four of them and saved them for later.

Days passed until one regular weekday afternoon when I came home from work and was wondering what to do with the rest of my day. I decided to try one of the recipes - chia pudding. Guys, it is the most simple breakfast/dessert ever and it is so delicious! I wasn't sure if Joe's would share my excitement but since he first tasted it he made me prepare it half a dozen times already. You need to make it in the evening and let it sit in the fridge overnight but the waiting is totally worth it! I'll post the recipe for you next week.

chia seeds pudding

UPDATE: Chia pudding recipe can be found here.

2. shopping as the biggest challenge of April

Have you ever traveled home after not being there for over a year? I kind of do that every twelve months, but now it was actually the longest period not being in Europe so far. Since last April until this May, hopefully.

The biggest challenge of this annual trip might seem odd but for me it's definitely buying some gifts for everyone. Have I mentioned I have 10 cousins between the ages of 1 year old to 16 years of age? How could I not bring them something sweet? I'm the cool cousin living abroad, they love me and I love them! I'm already pretty sure I won't fit all the stuff into one suitcase. Then I have another 5 cousins who are approximately my age, my godparents, my grandparents and my aunt.

And then of course there are my parents and my sister to who's wedding I'm actually traveling! She's the reason why I'm coming home in May.

So the big April challenge really was challenging but I must say I can make it! Most of the gifts are already bought (I'm pretty sure I'm the only adult having spare bedroom (the hobby room) in the apartment filled with teddy bears, bubble guns, stickers, toy cars, model planes, and I could go on for another hour).

3. book I read - On the Way: The Road to Pentecost

First the story of how I got the book:

Couple months ago as I was reading my absolutely favourite blog Kendra wrote about this website Basically, it's catholic website for women where you can subscribe and receive daily Bible readings directly to your e-mail, as well as other occasional posts that somehow always seem to be written just for me. Am I struggling with something? Wait, I just open my e-mail and there it is - a new message from Blessed Is She where one of the great women who are behind this project is telling me that many other women struggle with the same thing as I do. She might even offer an advice or say that she'll pray for me. How cool is that?!

And so one day they sent me an e-mail with some news - a great book is being published just at the end of this year's lent - On the Way: The Road to Pentecost.

On the Way: The Road to Pentecost

It's a book for women helping us fully live the joy of Easter. I've been reading the daily readings and really enjoying that the Easter isn't just one day of chasing the easter bunny's hidden eggs. It reminds me constantly what was the Easter all about and what came after the Easter Sunday. The Hope came and is coming over and over again every single day! Alleluia!

4. funniest thing of April

Since we're all happy because you know the Easter season is here, please allow me to share this absolutely funny thing that happened to us.

Imagine a young couple shopping at Target. It MIGHT be Joe and me but it could be anyone, right? (it wasn't anyone, it WAS Joe and me).

So we're just walking around not really wanting to buy anything, but suddenly I see this nice polo shirt for Joe and by some miracle force he's actually willing to try it on. Since we already have some shopping experience and know that polo shirts tend to be rather bigger than we expect them to be according to the sizing, I reach for small and Joe is going to try it right there in the aisle on top of the shirt he's already wearing. Well, let me tell you he needed my help as it was really tight. But funny thing - when it goes hard on, it goes much harder off! There we are - Joe bent over with his arms reaching up and me trying so hard to take the shirt off of him. And in the middle of this grotesque theatre another young couple passes by just in time to notice the two of us in the middle of our funny business.

Well, I must say that if they were sad that day, they weren't sad for very long, because I'm pretty sure they were laughing for the rest of the time they spent in that Target. As my Joe says - we made their day nicer so it was worth it!

But I don't thing well ever going to try small polo shirts for him.

Do you have any funny shopping experiences? Please share them with us in the comments, you might make someone else's day much better!

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