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chia pudding

As I promised earlier this week I'm going to share a wonderful recipe with you. Chia pudding is very simple and healthy breakfast option that only takes about 10 minutes to prepare, but you need to make it in the evening and keep in the fridge overnight (or at least for couple hours) for best results.

You'll need:

1 can of coconut milk (usually 13oz) OR any other coconut milk OR regular milk (in which you cook shredded coconut for 10 minutes and strain)

1-2 bananas

3 tablespoons of chia seeds

2 table spoons of honey

2 tablespoons of cocoa

fresh fruit of your choice

First you'll mix the chia seeds into coconut milk and let it sit while mashing bananas.

bananas and chia seeds

Add mashed bananas into coconut milk (where you already have the chia seeds). Then you'll also mix in some honey (I add 1-2 tablespoons, depends on how sweet you want it) and cocoa.

Last ingredient that you need is fresh fruit. I like to use kiwi or strawberries, but you can use raspberries or blueberries as well. I usually just clean them, put them into blender and puree for 20 seconds.

When you have it all ready - the pudding part well mixed in the bowl and fruit pureed in blender, you'll need some glasses or jars to fill it in. I like to put some fruit first, then larger layer of the pudding, and again fruit on top of it.

chia seeds pudding

They look great and taste wonderful, especially if you leave them in the fridge for couple hours. I always prepare them in the evening and when I open the fridge the next morning there are this perfect breakfast jars waiting for us.

Bon Apetit!

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