DIY fall door wreath - or how to decorate your door wreath for the season

October is here so I figured out it's just about the right time for some fall decor ideas. Are you guys ready for one of my small DIY projects?

Living in a rental apartment often means you are limited to decorating only inside. This was the case for me ever since I moved into an apartment in a multi-family house. I really wanted to add some touches to the outside but the only thing I could work with was the door wreath. I spent hours on pinterest looking for some ideas until I figured out I want something more special. Something that would be my own, something nobody else has. I had an idea to get a nice wreath that would be season-unspecific, which I can then update with seasonal decorations.

I spent some time online again until I knew the only wreath I want to buy is somewhere in Poland (it was in this etsy shop, but they don't have the one I purchased anymore). To my surprise the shipping didn't ruin me, the shop owner was very nice, changed what I wanted to change on the wreath and couple days later these 2 door wreaths arrived.

I got larger one for the front door and smaller one for the rear door. It was the end of November so I started decorating it for Christmas. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the Christmas design I came with! But Christmas is coming again in couple months so I'll update this post with photos, I promise.

As March began I changed the wreath to spring colors:

And because I was terribly lazy I kept it the same for summer. This week I decided that the time has come to update my door wreaths again.

Decorating the door wreath yourself is really easy. All you need are small decorations you want to use. It could be artificial flowers, small plastic ornaments, different color leafs, ribbons, anything you like. I attache them either with a thin metal wire (mostly artificial flowers and greenery), by thread (fabric leafs), or by glue gun (plastic pumpkins are really hard to sew on:) This is the result of couple minutes worth of work:

I put the 14 inch one on the front door to our apartment (actually the front door to the stairs to our apartment, I share the door with my third-floor neighbor). And the 8 inch one is on my back door which I use most of the time.

I love that I can have the same door wreath all year long. It's kind of my own signature on the doors to my apartment. It also gives me a chance to enjoy a small DIY project 3 or 4 times a year. All the ornaments are easy to remove once the season is over and I can either choose from last year ornaments I already have or buy few new ones. Either way it's much cheaper then buying different door wreaths for each season.

What's even more important - you can re-decorate them as many times as you want. I mostly do Christmas, Spring, sometimes Summer, and Fall. But you could also do Valentines Day, or Forth of July, or which ever special occasion you'd like.

Do you like my fall door wreaths? Please, share some of your fall decor ideas in the comments bellow. I'm waiting to see if anybody else is repurposing their door wreaths or if I'm the only one doing this crazy thing:)

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