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european summer

At the beginning of June we made it - Joe and I have succesfully relocated to Europe! I apologize for not sharing our plans in advance but this was a big thing for us and we really needed to stay focused and away from the attention for a bit. 

But what happened you ask? Why have we changed our lives so drastically? 

Life happened :)

I felt for a long time that even though I liked being in the US I also missed Europe, all the familiar things and places and people... And I am so lucky that Joe felt it the same way at one point and we were able to make such a big decision together. 

It was a long planning process which started about a year ago. One day we just decided to go for it and the preparation started (and believe me, there was a LOT to do before we could move back to our homeland). Paperwork, deciding on what to take with us, what to sell, how to ship our belongings, insurance stuff, MORE insurance stuff, vacating apartment, selling car, staying at friends houses and using their cars before our final departure... Plus a LOT more AND then everyhing that awaited us back home (MORE insurance stuff, work to find, apartment search, buying car, getting all our belongings shipped from the US and storing at my parents' basement... and I could go on). 

This all and some more challenges (because there is more to the story coming later - the good juicy stuff:)) is what we dealt with since the beginning of June till now. And FINALLY it seems to be coming to a successful end. Or begging, should I say!

Our life in Europe just started, a lot is new for us, but it feels good to be home. I already miss English, our friends, plus great shopping in the US:) but I'm sure we can make it here just as well as we did back there. In the meantime I'm enjoying my european latte in GLASS!! and loving the food. Which definitelly helps with adjusting to our new life:)

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