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fall bucket list

Ever since the beginning of September, even though the weather was still nice and summery (if that's a word), I started looking forward to fall. Fall used to be a beautiful season around Boston!

Unfortunately, around here we get way too many rainy days for my taste. I'm really gonna miss the beautiful Boston weather! Since I knew the rainy days are coming, I decided to make the season better by incorporating few of my favorite fall activities into our everyday schedules.

Well, few. I actually made a bucket list of everything I wanted to accomplish by the end of this fall :). It's got it all - from drinking pumpkin spice lattes through baking pumpkin pie to apple picking. It's my fall bucket list.

fall bucket list autumn

Joe and I already completed some of the items, as you can see by the red arrows (blue arrows mean kind of completed, like for example I was just about to make pumpkin bread, but then I decided to turn it into muffins. So that kind of counts, right?).

However, if I were doing the list again now I would add little more things to it, as there were some middle steps that needed to be done before I could mark off few certain things from the list. Like pumpkin bread, or pumpkin spice latte. Or basically anything that consists pumpkin puree, pumpkin syrup (made from pumpkin puree). Funny thing I learned about Europe - you can't find pumpkin puree in every grocery store. I had to made mine by myself. Successfully, I must say :)

Also, Europeans do generally drink good quality coffee and drinks like pumpkin spice lattes aren't a thing over here. You want one? You make it for yourself. What do you need for pumpkin spice latte, you ask? Well, pumpkin spice syrup. And to make the syrup, you need pumpkin puree. To get the puree, you have to make it yourself.

It was really funny how one thing led to another and I found myself one day working on a nice pumpkin from my parent's garden. First I made the puree, than I roasted pumpkin seeds, and once the puree was ready I also made the syrup. Then, couple days later, I was able to make pumpkin muffins, since I froze part my homemade puree for later.

fall recipes pumpkin puree pumpkin spice latte

All this process helped me to feel like I really got the season this time :)

Anyway, I'll be sharing all these recipes and more later this month. You can look forward to read about my homemade pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice syrup, pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins, apple preserving, and decorating home for fall. Plus, if you want to keep track of your fall bucket list, you can go to my (for now) small etsy shop and choose one of my 4 options. Hope you'll like them!

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