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When not so many changes at a time would be great

There are 3 of us now. Only recently our little family of 2 grew in size and we welcomed our first baby Peter. Wonderful but extensive change to our lives. Everything we do now is slightly (or at times totally) different than 3 months ago and to spice it up a bit more we also just moved to a new house.

From our teeny tiny apartment in the city, from a location that we knew well, we relocated to the suburbs, to a brand new house we were building for the last year and a half. With our then 2-month old baby. If life with baby Peter was different than our old lives, now EVERYTHING’s new. The baby, the house, our routines, and schedules. It is so challenging!!

We love the house but we’ll love it a bit more when it’s all finished. We still need to work on some projects that will make it more livable. Let me just say that living in a house without all the interior doors is challenging at times:) Also there is kitchen backsplash still missing, some more tiling to be done in the bathroom, not to mention second bathroom which is just a totally empty space that we’ll work on sometime down the road… and I could go on. But we felt that we really needed to make to move and start to make the house home. Hopefully we’ll be done before Christmas!

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