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On starting new life

Many times in the past I paused blogging and re-started again months later. It would be similar this time if it just wasn’t for totally different reasons. Each one of them would be enough for multiple blog posts so let me just start at the very beginning and we’ll see how deep into all of it I’ll take you.

Life has changed so much since this time last year. In November 2018 I was on a business trip in Sweden. The same month Joe and I celebrated our friend’s 50th birthday at a big party. In December we took my parents to see the Nutcracker. All special and yet so ordinary parts of our lives. Little did we know that there was somebody else with us to see the Nutcracker :) Too days later I saw those beautiful two lines on a pregnancy test…

Fast forward 12 months and here we are: Joe and I and our beautiful baby boy Peter, living together in a brand new house. Business trips, birthday parties, ballet… special now has a completely new meaning. Special is every single smile this amazing tiny face produces for his mommy. But special is also the journey in front of us… with our special baby boy who was born with very special needs.

Peter, welcome to the world!

baby boy

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