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long overdue summary

I'm not sure I've ever heard of a blogger who would take such a long break from actually writing a blog. I didn't do one blog post in the past 5 months and I'm not proud of it, but here I am again to fill you in on all that happened during my break.

When I thing about it now, not that much actually happened yet, but we are in the first phase of some really big changes. I suppose the planning stage is what we're living in at the moment :) The changes are coming soon, but let's pause for a moment and just have a quick read of the summary of my last couple months. Just make sure to come back to my blog, 'cause I'll share some exciting news with you later this month!

And now - here's what I've been doing lately:

1. Vermont skiing vacation

Ok, this is not the juice stuff and it was what seems to be now ages ago. But I wanted to start with our winter vacation because that's what happened in the beginning of this year and it'll be my beginning here as well.

Long story short, we went on a skiing trip to Vermont. There wouldn't be anything special about it, if it wasn't the best skiing experience I ever had. As Boston residents, we usually ski in New Hampshire's White Mountains, which is mostly because of it being only 2 to 2.5 hours from home. I can wake up at 5 and be on the slopes at 9 am the same morning. Plus, we didn't have any real complaints about Waterville or Loon resorts in White Mountains, so we just kept going there.

Until I was looking for a little longer escape from Boston and browsed through the Internet. I found a package for 2, with 2-night stay and 3-day lift tickets for a price that was cheaper then just plain lift tickets anywhere else. That's how we got to Stratton Mountain in Vermont.

Most probably, the price/value ratio would be enough for us to be happy about this trip. But when we got there and went up the mountain I couldn't believe the difference. It was the best skiing experience I've ever had. The trails were wonderful and the snow was totally different from the icy thing you often ski on in our usual resorts. Joe, who was lucky enough to ski in Denver before, said that it was much closer to that experience than to our NH trips.

I said long story short at the beginning of this paragraph so here it is in short: I highly suggest Stratton, VT for your next skiing trip (how absurdly does this sound in April, right? Never mind.)! Please note here that I am not paid for any advertising for this resort:) We just really loved everything about our trip and would gladly be back.

2. planning on traveling, quite a lot

The ultimate vacation is almost here - our East Coast Road Trip. My parents are coming to the States for their very first visit and we have planned a lot for them. Starting in Boston, we'll have two short weeks to drive (and walk) through New York City and Washington D.C., we'll have a quick stop in Myrtle Beach, SC and then drive all the way to Florida. There, for 2 days we'll stay around Orlando to visit the Kennedy Space Center and then we'll go more south, to the beaches of Miami Beach. Sadly, after 4 days in Miami Beach we'll have to start driving back to Boston, but at least we have planned few nice stops on the way back too.

I can't say how much I'm looking forward to this trip, especially considering the terrible Boston weather we have this spring (supposedly spring, but it was still freezing and snowing here last week!!). BUT, fortunately for me, the weather changed a lot yesterday so it finally looks like we'll have spring this year!

3. Easter's coming

Easter's almost here so I've been looking for couple additions to our Easter decor. Besides my regular vase with fresh cut forsythia (which luckily is just started blooming at my back yard, so it is just in time for Easter) and my hand painted decorative easter eggs, I've decided to put out these beautiful Easter printables from etsy.

I'll be using this two:


But they have more designs and sizes available, here are just few more examples:

I'll make sure to take few pictures of my new printables and post it later this week, so that you can see my Easter decor in action:)


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