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march summary

1. coolest thing I did in March - painted Easter eggs

I love doing some creative activities at home, it has a special calming effect on me (not that I need to calm down). One of such projects was this lent's eggs decorating. I just figured out one day that I need some Easter decorations and that I can't find anything nice in the stores (the bunnies didn't make the cut). So I googled directions of how to make wax-decorated Easter eggs (very traditional in my home country), I went to Michaels with a rather small shopping list and I was ready to start.

It was really fun and I'm sure I'll be doing it next year as well. Here are my lovely products:

wax-painted Easter eggs
Easter eggs

Pretty cool, right? It's funny how I could definitely tell which was the first one I painted and which was the last one, I was getting seriously better, it felt like if I paint half a dozen more I'll be a pro. But we didn't want to eat eggs for the entire week so I'll practice again next year.

2. recipe of the month - apple turnovers

apple turnovers

These apple turnovers are the best, I can't believe I've been buying them until now. It is the easiest recipe ever and you can use any filling you like. Do I hear nutella? Yes, that would work too!

3. how was Easter Sunday

Sunny, partly cloudy in the afternoon.

I'm just kidding, it was great. The morning was little different than usually on Easter Sunday, because I have this favourite parish of mine which happens not to be my parish anymore, but it was for some time and I love to come back there. So we used to go there always for Easter Sunday and for Christmas. But since it's almost an hour drive from my house and we were heading in a totally different direction after the mass this year, we decided to go to our regular parish, which was nice as well.

After the mass we headed over to our friends house for a great food and great time with people who are like our american family. Joe made potato salad and I baked 2 different cakes the day before so that we could bring something over. We had really great time, and the weather couldn't be better on that day, we even went for a walk, which wasn't an option couple days before when we had a snow storm.

4. book I read

As usually, I was reading another book and on the back of it there was this other book mentioned which felt kind of interesting to me so I ordered it (buying books is my obsession. I have library card, and I go to the library, but there simply are books which I think I should own) and am reading it right now. It's not a novel this time, instead it's Lee Strobel's The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God.

I've been reading it for few weeks now, because usually I only have time for approx. 3 pages before bed. But it's been very good so far. As it says in the title - a journalist (atheist) investigates how is it possible that highly educated and respected scientists believe in God. And as he interviews different scientists, each of them gives him different proves pointing him toward the (very high) possibility of the existence of God.

I'm still not even in the half of the book so I'll have to update you on it later again, but I can already recommend it to everyone interested to read about scientific facts of something that seems to be so non-scientific.

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