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4 quick takes: on 1st Christmas and baby food

First of all, let me wish you very merry Christmas! I hope you all are having wonderful time with your loved ones. Joe and I are especially enjoying this Christmas, it's different than any other before, and here's why.

1. first Christmas for the baby

Except it's not entirely true. We already knew about Peter last Christmas, we just didn't know it's a boy, plus we didn't tell anyone else at that time. But let me tell you that I was VERY aware of him the entire time I couldn't smell any of the festive cooking smells.

Anyway, this year is still absolutely special. Our beautiful little baby boy is here, smiling all the time, staring at Christmas lights, babbling, and fully enjoying his very first Christmas. 

2. eating like a big boy 

Peter is now 4 months old and since he’s on formula (his choice, not mine), he was allowed his first real food just before Christmas. So instead of holiday baking and cooking some sophisticated recipes I made carrot puree :) The little guy didn’t mind though, he seems to be ok with such cuisine. And thanks to my mom, Joe and I will also get some age appropriate food. We’re spending Christmas at my parents’ house so we’re all set with my mom’s fabulous cooking. 

3. taking it outside

Finally, Peter seems to be more ok with spending time in his stroller and Joe and I could enjoy multiple walks with him over the holidays. Christmas Europe is absolutely wonderful, there are Christmas markets in almost every town, so we were happy to be able to enjoy the atmosphere with Peter’s approval.  

4. little longer, please

I never appreciated the US approach to Christmas holidays - all done and over on the 26th. Since we are spending these days out of our home at my parents, we can’t wait to come back home on January 2nd and continue having Christmas. I mean, it’s still Christmas season at the beginning of the new year! 

So in spite of having a great time here at my parents house, it will be great to come home to our hopefully still beautiful Christmas tree!

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