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go-to fall outfit

Updated September 28, 2016:

My go-to fall outfit was featured on Simple Moments Stick today! If you're looking for fall outfit ideas make sure to check this post with over 25 bloggers sharing their fall wardrobe inspirations.


Unfortunately for some of us - the summer is over, at least here in Boston. If that's the case where you live, you've probably started thinking of new outfit ideas for the coming season. I loved that during summer all I needed was a pair of shorts, nice top, and flip-flops. Or summer dress. Just summer dress and sandals and I was ready.

Fall on the other hand is all like this: Do I need a sweater or is t-shirt enough? Should I take that jacket? Is it going to rain or do I rather take sun glasses? My Joe would tell you that it takes me much longer to get ready now when the summer's gone.

I had to think of a go-to fall outfit for busy weekday mornings when I don't have time to stand in front of my closet (because another fall thing - it's dark longer, so I want to sleep longer, so I have less time to get ready in the morning. I REALLY hate this thing about fall and winter).

Since I don't have to wear anything too formal for work my go-to outfit these days is a pair of jeans, nice t-shirt or blouse, leather jacket, and flat shoes or sneakers. Plus there are so many combinations of it! I have several nice-enough t-shirts and even more blouses. I could look totally different each day and it's still the simple go-to fall outfit.

Mostly I wear blouses to keep it at least a bit formal but this is this year's best fall outfit for me:

fall outfit

One of my most favorite jeans are these from Denim & Supply from Ralph Lauren. I found Ralph Lauren jeans to be the best fit for me and now I have multiple pairs of jeans of that brand. Then I was extremely lucky when I once stopped by a small consignment store and found there this beautiful Burberry Brit t-shirt. I couldn't believe it was there in my size and with a price tag that wouldn't ruin my budget:

fall go-to outfit

Then I love this comfortable black leather jacket that goes well with almost anything and is great for cold fall mornings or windy afternoon walks on the beach.

fall outfit

Sometimes I'll add a simple scarf or a black sweater underneath the jacket when it's really cold. When I want it to look little nicer, I'll wear my light pink flats, other times I'll wear sneakers. But always it's one of the most comfortable fall outfits.

Do you also have a go-to fall outfit? Is it dress with boots or black pants, heels, and rain coat? Leave a comment and share your ideas of the best go-to fall outfits. Can't way to get some inspiration!

go-to fall outfit

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