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4 quick takes: On the craziness of April and life out of the ordinary

1. recipe of the month - fast food, babe!

Because we had a lot of work this April! It's not like we ate fast food every single day, but it was way more then usually (usually is close to zero for us though, so more than that is not that difficult to achieve). Aaaand the winner is >> Five Guys << . I love their hamburgers! I'm pretty sure those will be my biggest craving when I'll be pregnant one day.

fast food

2. busy, busy April

What were you doing that you were so busy, you ask? Well. First there was this wonderful idea of mine, that we'll transform my parents first visit to the US to an East Coast Road Trip. Planning the route, the stops, the attractions, then booking hotels, airbnbs, and again attractions. Since I love excel, there had to be an excel worksheet with tabs like budget, activities brainstorming, time schedule, bookings, etc.

Then, besides planning the trip, there were some other things totally out of the ordinary, I'll write on that matter later, for now I'll just say it involved some crazy packing and lots of paperwork and planning. Stay tuned because I'll be sharing some exciting news in May!

3. spa, please!

All the busyness of April wasn't doing any good to my face so I decided to invest a bit (actually a bit more $$) into a nice spa experience. I din't visit a spa for a long time since I'm pretty good at doing my own mani/pedi, but this time I needed a facial and a good one as well, so I went to a local spa.

spa experience

And of course, it was great. I so much enjoyed the calm atmosphere, the nice furnishings all over the place, plus the facial itself was wonderful. I love when somebody's taking care of me! I would really do it more often if it wasn't costing so much! For now I'm already back to home-care mode doing my mani/pedi and facials myself.

4. book for Boston's rainy days

Last on the list but not least - I've started reading The Magnolia Story from Chip and Joanna Gaines. It is wonderful! Every time I see one of the Fixer Upper episodes I feel like they are just like Joe and I, but when I started reading the book it was like: O my goodness, is this about us?

Obviously, the stories are different, but there are so many similarities in our characters and personalities, not to mention that we both work in construction. We don't have our own business (yet!) nor family, but it's really nice to see that people so similar to us can lead not just a successful but also such a good and inspiring life. If you were not sure about buying this book - go for it, it's really worth it.

The Magnolia Story

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